We grow tech companies. Fast.

How are we different?

Tried and tested strategy, industry know how

We're not a traditional marketing agency. If you want old school marketing campaigns or banner ads with clever lines, we're happy to refer you to the top creative and digital marketing agencies in Australia.

Surge came out of the frustration that most agencies simply don't get it. They recite the same 60s mad men philosophy glossed in buzzwords of the year, and they pride themselves in their ability to lift vanity metrics.

Surge exists for one purpose only - growth. We're experts in growing technology companies. Our approach is simple, using behavioural science, with a lean test and learn framework, we ensure your resources and investments are focused on achieving predictable and scalable growth.

Experiment Create Strategise Analyse

What do we do?

Build traction & achieve scalable growth

If you are a startup, we’ll help you find product market fit. For scaleups, our focus is to drive rapid and sustainable growth, making the best use of your resources.

Our process is iterative, combining science with creativity to maximise your growth. Using behavioural psychology and statistics, we draw insights, formulate actionable plans and produce creatives that will achieve cut through.

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